When you touch oil to a ceramic nail, you may even realize that you need to let the piece cool slightly to avoid burning your wax.

These nails are theoretically easy to clean. Any residual oil can simply be reheated and flecked off with a pass of the torch. Like glass, however, ceramic nails tend to break easily. It’s game over once the nail gets any sort of chip or crack. Residual oil will start to seep in and your once lovely piece will begin to crumble.

Ceramic nails offer a great way to consume legal concentrates and essential oils. Our ceramic nails are made of high quality ceramic to ensure durability. We have a large selection of Hive Ceramics, one of the most respected ceramic accessory companies in the industry.

When buying a ceramic nail, try to find one from a reputable brand like Hive. You’re significantly less likely to have any issue with your nail if you go high-quality from the start. Just don’t drop it!