The benefits of choosing quartz crystal dabbing nails over a glass and ceramic nails are plentiful.A quartz nail has a much better ability to withstand high amounts of heat. This means that the nail will last longer overall and will not break as easily. Quartz is also more durable if you’re clumsy and accidentally drop the piece. For the record, they make countertops out of quartz. It’s a natural mineral. This stuff is built to last.\

When it comes to flavor, a clean quartz nail has all of the benefits of glass. At times, ceramic nails tend to give off what I can only describe as a faint “pizza stone” type flavor. This is not present when using quartz. The quartz mineral really will not impact the taste of the dab at all, letting you experience the full range of terpenes.

The downfall of quartz is that it cools off fast. Once you heat your nail, you have to be quick to put it to use otherwise you risk dropping oil into something that won’t create a vapor.