• Cannabis Leaf Herb Grinder 2 inch 4 piece Weed Grinder Pollen Presser

    • Quite heavy and beautiful little herb grinder which made of high quality Zinc Alloy. Ultra sharp teeth cut smoothly and never dull. Work great for a person who likes to travel and do nature hike.
    • Unique and Beautiful leaf designed on the top part. A hot selling product in 420 industry marketing recently.
    • Height: 35MM Diameter:50mm/2.0 inch Weight: 120g One hand graspable easily.
    • One high quality aluminum pollen presser attached. Polished tough Aluminum gray color, Very Light: 3.8oz Net weight and Dimension: 3.5.Two Plastic Dowels, 1.55.suitable for herb and spice and polished that can be used as: Stash safe, Portable Ashtray, Pollen Press and many other creative usages.
    $12.99 $8.99
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    Leaf Herb Grinder 3 Layers Weed Mill Pollen Press by Formax420

    • The grinder is made of Zinc Alloy
    • With free pollen catcher and scraper Included.
    • High Quality Designed in Amsterdam
    • 2 inch,50mm,3 layers