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Formax420 Flexible Stealth Mini Tobacco Smoking Spring Pipe


  • Mini Pipe in multi styles.
  • Spring style Portable pocked

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Product Description

Design:This pipe is super simple in its design. It’s basically a coiled spring tube with a mouth piece and a bowl…this makes is very easy to use. You simply twist the bowl and mouthpiece onto the chamber (spring tube) and you are ready to go. When you are done smoking, the spring can be bent into a circle so that the mouthpiece fits nicely into the bowl for ease of storage/travel.

Smokeability:This pipe smokes really nicely. It’s got a cool and novel “carb” as well. Since you are basically sucking air through a spring, you can simple bend the spring to let air into the pipe thus affectively clearing out your chamber smoke. With the spring unbent, it seems to be sufficiently air tight as to smoke efficiently.

Style:This pipe received such a “high” rating because it was easily the most unique pipe in Las Vegas the entire weekend I tested it out. And when you have a unique and cool pipe like this, other marijuana smokers want to check it out, thus adding style points to your smoke session.


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  • Retail or wholesale are acceptable, if you are a wholesaler, you can contact with us via email, we can provide more favourable  price .
  • We will provide the best service to all the customer.If you have any problem about the order or the items,please contact with us by email,we will deal with it in 24 hours.We accept unconditional return within 30 days.



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