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Formax420 the Metro Pipe/Twister Pipe Metal Monkey Pipe Design

  • Swivel lid quickly snuffs out lit bowl, keeps contents inside
  • Built-in stash compartment with separate lid Comes apart for easy cleaning


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Product Description

Smart and shiny, compact and weighty, the Metro Pipe is an intriguing device that is not only good looking but is also a rather splendid smoking tool. You’ll be able to load, smoke, clean and play with this pipe until well after the cows have come home. The Metro Pipe has a delightfully Art Deco appearance and has certainly been crafted with a great amount of care. It makes a smashing paper weight for when your scrolls are blowing all over the table, it is a pleasure to hold and of course to smoke through. There is a handy little stash compartment for storing your herbs safely before you smoke them, so all you need is a light and your Metro Pipe then you can have a discreet puff with great ease. The Metro Pipe makes a beautiful gift, but something this cool is hard to not keep for yourself!


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