SP011656463-black (2)SP011656463-black (2)
SP011656463-black (3)SP011656463-black (3)
SP011656463-blue (2)SP011656463-blue (2)
SP011656463-red (3)SP011656463-red (3)
SP011656463-red (2)SP011656463-red (2)
SP011656463-green (3)SP011656463-green (3)
SP011656463-green (2)SP011656463-green (2)
SP011656463-blue (3)SP011656463-blue (3)

Formax420 Mushroom Smoking Pipe Send Random Color


This Pendant Mushroom Pipe can be worn around your neck as a decoration, while secretly retaining the ability to transform itself with the help of human fingers into a nice little pipe.

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Product Description

It is a mushroom smoking pipe with pendant,you can hang on it like necklace.

We have four colors pipes,but we ship it randomly.




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